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Say is carol singers

With any luck by next year

I will be going out with one of these girls

But for now let me say

Without hope and agenda

Just because is chrismas

And in chrismas you tell the turth

To me you are perfect

And my wasted heard will love you

Until you look like this

Merry chrismas!

最后,还有Mrak 那句:Enough,enough now.

So for me, I finally met a girl I want to run to a lifetime of companionship.

上面的话大多都是引用的,我自己会表达的不多😂😂 我不是一个足够完美的人,感谢你的包容。我就简单几句话:

冷暖有相知,喜乐有分享 ; 平生一顾,至此终年!